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Name Fumonisin ELISA kit
Price $820.00
Category Name
Sensitivity0.5 ng/mL
Total Time80 min.

Item #:                    5123-8   Quantity:               



Fumonisin ELISA Test kit

Fumonisin ELISA Test kit Intended Use
Fumonisin Food ELISA Kit is intended for the quantitative determination of Fumonisin in food. This Fumonisin Food ELISA Kit is a rapid and sensitive Food Toxin ELISA Kit which is designed to provide a sensitive and convenient method for screening food samples for Fumonisin residue. Fumonisin Food ELISA Test Kit represents a highly sensitive Food ELISA Test Kit detection system and is particularly capable of the quantification of Fumonisin in Maize and Grain Products.

Fumonisin ELISA Kit Components:
• Microplate: 96 wells coated with anti-mouse immunoglobulin
• Enzyme Conjugate Fumonisin-Peroxidase
• Fumonisin Standards
• Anti-Fumonisin Antibody
• Sample Diluent
• Substrate Solution
• Washing Solution
• Stop Solution

Method Principle
This Diagnostic Automation/ Cortez Diagnostics Inc. Food Fumonisin ELISA test kit test based on the principle of the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. Microplate wells are coated with antibodies raised against mouse immunglobulins. The standards and samples respectively are pipetted together with a fumonisin- peroxidase conjugate and a mouse-anti-fumonisin antibody into the appropriate wells of the Fumonisin ELISA Kit. The conjugate competes with the fumonisin of samples/standards for the limited number of antibody sites. Simultaneously the anti-fumonisin antibody is bound to the anti-mouse antibody coated on the wells. For further details please refer to complete instructions manual supplied with the product.

Background Information
Fumonisin B1 and B2 are mycotoxins are produced by Fusarium moniliforme, F. solani and other types of fusarium. These toxins show an extreme stability against high temperatures (up to 100°C), and they can remain active in contaminated food for years. Fumonisin can be found in maize, oats and other types of grain. Worldwide a contamination in maize of 60% has been detected. In human there are suggestions for the occurrence of esophagus cancer associated with the exposure to fumonisin B1. Values assessed for the acute toxicity are 8 mg per kg weight and for the chronic situation 25 mg/kg in feed stuff. These are relatively high concentrations, but according to the Good Manufacturing Practice, the content of fumonisin B1 in food intended for humans should not exceed 1 mg/kg. The usual methods for detection of fumonisin in maize are liquid and thin-layer chromatography. The ELISA kit is very sensitive and allows the detection of trace amounts below 25 µg per kg.

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