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Name E. Coli 0157 Antigen Detection
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E. coli O157 ELISA Test kit

E. coli O157 ELISA Test kit Intended Use
This E. coli O157 ELISA test kit is designed to screen food products for the presence of E. coli O157 antigen. E. coli O157 ELISA is a rapid and reliable test which significantly reduces the time required to screen foods for the presence of E. coli O157.

E. coli O157 ELISA Kit Components:
• Microplate: 96 wells coated with anti- E. coli O157 polyclonal antibodies
• Enzyme Conjugate
• Positive control
• Negative control
• Chromogen, TMB
• Stop Solution
• Washing Concentrate

Method Principle
This Diagnostic Automation/ Cortez Diagnostics Inc. E. coli O157 ELISA is a double antibody, sandwich ELISA utilizing specific anti-E. coli O157 antibodies coated to microwells. Primary enrichment cultures grown for 8-16 hours can be tested in less than one hour, allowing ELISA-negative product to be released within 24 hours. Enrichment broths presumptively positive for E. coli O157 on the basis of positive ELISA tests can be cultured further for confirmation by standard methods. For further details please refer to complete instructions manual supplied with the product.

Background Information
Shiga-like toxin producing E.coli (SLTEC) belong to O serogroups and serotypes O157:H7 and O157:H are the predominant SLTEC associated with hemorrhagic colitis (HC) and hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Outbreaks of HC and HUS due to E. coli O157 have been linked to consumption of undercooked ground beef. Prevalence studies indicate that up to 3.7% of retail meats may contain E. coli O157. Although this may seem low compared to some other foodborne pathogens, the seriousness of disease caused by E. coli O157 has made this pathogen a major food safety concern. Detection of E. coli O157:H7 in meats by cultural methods is time consuming, requiring several days to obtain presumptive positive results. This E. coli O157 ELISA test kit provide a rapid and reliable method for detection of E. coli O157.

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