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Name C-Reactive Protein (CRP) ELISA kit
Price $276.00
Category NameCardiac Markers ELISA kits
MethodELISA: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
PrincipleELISA - Peroxidase conjugated
Detection Range0-0.1 mg/L
Sample5 ul serum
Total Time~65 min
Shelf Life18 Months from the manufacturing date

Item #:                    1668-18   Quantity:               



CRP ELISA Test kit

CRP ELISA Test kit Intended Use
The CRP ELISA is intended for the quantitative determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human serum. Enhanced sensitivity measurements of CRP can be useful for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury, inflammatory disorders and associated diseases.

CRP ELISA Kit Components:
• Microplate: 96 wells coated with mouse monoclonal anti-CRP
• HPR- CRP Enzyme Conjugate Reagent
• Sample Diluent
• Reference Standard Set
• TMB Reagent
• Stop Solution (1N HCL)

Method Principle
This Diagnostic Automation/ Cortez Diagnostics Inc. Human serum CRP ELISA is based on the principle of a solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The assay system utilizes a unique monoclonal antibody directed against a distinct antigenic determinant on the on the CRP molecule. This mouse monoclonal anti-CRP antibody is used for solid phase immobilization on the microplate wells. For further details please refer to complete instructions manual supplied with the product.

Background Information
C - reactive protein (CRP) is synthesized in the liver and is normally present as a trace constituent of serum or plasma. CRP is one of the acute-phase proteins and its serum or plasma levels may rise during general, nonspecific response to a wide variety of diseases. This include infections by gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, acute phase of rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal abscesses, and inflammation of the bile duct. CRP may also be found in patients with Guillain-Barre syndrome and multiple sclerosis, certain viral infections, tuberculosis, acute infectious hepatitis, many other necrotic and inflammatory diseases, burned patients and after surgical trauma. Although the detection of elevated levels of CRP in the serum is not specific for any particular disease, it is a useful indicator of inflammatory processes. CRP levels rise in serum or plasma within 24 to 48 hours following acute tissue damage, reach a peak during the acute stage (approximately 1000x) and decrease with the resolution of inflammation or trauma. The concentration increase of CRP in human serum or plasma may last for several days before decreasing to normal levels. The detection of CRP is a more reliable and sensitive indicator of the inflammatory process than the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

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